When I Thought She Was The One

When I Thought She Was The One is an LGBTQ+ Short Film Created and Directed by Jacob Hotaling. It’s a short story about the first moment you fall in love with someone, how the world stops and you see the rest of your life with them. In the film, you watch as the narrator’s (played by @lily.mulcahy) whole life changes when she meets Mia (played by @kaylalazzari). We watch as their love story blossoms over their entire relationship, and how it experiences a not-so-great turn. In the end, you always remember that feeling when you first met, and thought they were the one.

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Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, etc – Jacob Hotaling (@jkhotaling)
Co-Scripter – Lily Comeau-Waite (@lilyrainpoetry / @lily.comeauwaite) 

Lily Mulcahy (@lily.mulcahy)
Kayla Lazzari (@_sammiller__)
Jen Kovarik (@jen_kovarik)
Josh Sears 
Amy Footit (@amy_footit)
Kate Salerno (@kate_salerno)

Lydia Ryan (@lydia_ryan4)
Nora Fitzgerald (@nora.fitzg)
Caroline Campbell (@cecampbell_)

About “When I Thought She Was The One”

Quarantine hit pretty hard creatively and socially for me personally. I had all of these ideas on my mind and was SUPER overwhelmed on what I was going to next to keep working on my portfolio. Peter McKinnon, a well-known photographer and videographer released a contest: 3 days to develop, film, and edit a short film under 5 minutes; I was instantly inspired. So, I texted my amazing friend Lily and asked if she could be my actress. We had a photoshoot weeks before and discussed acting and so forth, so I’m glad it worked out! Originally, the couple in the film was to be a heterosexual couple, but the idea of creating and representing an LGBTQ+ couple for Pride Month came to play, and the film was born. I spent the first day (when the contest was also released) first developing the narration. My friend Lily then spiced it up with her amazing writing, adding so much to it. The entire next day we spent filming, Lily brought in her friend Kayla to play her romance-partner and also asked some friends to help bring the “party” scene to life (did our best having a “party” in a pandemic!). On the third day, I spent the entirety of it editing, but when I finished it under 5 minutes, so much was missing (so much I had to cut out). So, I submitted the short film and then re-edited it to my pleasure, and the film was born. Unfortunately my short film was never reviewed let alone opened by the “judges” but I am extremely grateful for the passion it gave me to hop out of bed and get creative in a short amount of time.