On this page you'll find all of my other Videography works that I've done including travel videos, event videos, etc (in order from latest to oldest)! These are videos I am extremely proud of but do not fit with the short film category! Learn about each one in the little blurb below it and enjoy!

I created this for my final project in a Documentary Videography and Storytelling class my 1st semester of my junior year. My talented and creative friend Danny is the star of the show, and I wanted to share exactly what goes on inside his head. He is a fantastic friend of mine also in my major, we have future trips planned with one another and support each other in our creative endeavors and I wanted to make this about him!

"Getting Ready" - Inspired by Euphoria
Before I ended up creating my short film over the summer, "When I Thought She Was The One," I was trying to get creative with my camera. On top of self-portraits, I was trying to get creative video-wise. I just recently watched the show, Euphoria, produced by my favorite company, A24. The cinematography, music, everything, was so inspiring for me, there isn't a day when I'm not thinking about it. This video was inspired by the show itself, as I made a little self-montage of myself getting ready for "winter formal."

The video that sums up my entire year. At the beginning of 2019 I began my videography journey, picked up my camera and captured memories from everything that has happened. Although I didn't travel anywhere too insane, I still made fantastic memories with the people in my life and put it together in one giant video to a piano cover of one of my favorite Kanye West songs. This was my 2019.

One of my best friends (and roommates) and I went to Acadia National Park for the first time just for the sake of it. It was an amazing self-love day filled with great music, amazing sunsets, and all the laughter. This was "our first date."

Summer 2019 - White We Are Young
My travel hungry heart was still growing the Summer of 2019. I filled it with friends, food, and laughter, and truly lived in every moment with every person who crossed my path. This video is dedicated to that summer, and when I finally realized you have to enjoy the little moments before they're gone.

ORIENTATION FOR TEAMMAINE!!! I was so excited for these 10 days and let me tell you were they the BEST. I have the absolute best job to ever have in college, working with the brightest and funniest people as we welcomed the new class to UMaine! I was still growing Videography wise and asked my boss if I could make a video for the team throughout the week: here it is! 🙂

The little moments can mean so much
For my amazing friend Jordan's birthday, us and a few friends headed down to Portland/Sebago for a little fun trip. Although less than a minute, this video captures the little laughs, smiles, and pure joy that we had through the little trip itself!

My first "travel" video! Boy was I excited to make this. For a school trip, we were headed to D.C. for Spring break, filled with sight-seeing, museums, experiences and more. And yes, of course I had to capture it all! This made me incredibly inspired for future travels and capturing even more amazing moments!

begin living the happiest life, YOU'VE EARNED IT
This is my first video (on canon) ever made. I've been making little videos on my phone the summer before, because I was really getting into Videography, especially "travel" videography. INDY BLUE is an incredible creator who inspired capturing all the little moments. I had acquired a new lens and wanted to try and put it to use, so my friends and I decided to take a little trip to Providence, RI. After some mangled ideas, we ended up driving up a mountain about an hour away and simply exploring a nearby city we all were familiar with, Northhamptom. Throughout I just rolled my camera, captured some memories, and my future in videography and film was born.