Purely Human Project

Notes written by you.
Films made by me.
Every word is purely human.




Welcome to the Purely Human Project. Here, you can write a note to someone, anyone: a loved one, a crush, a family member, a friend, someone who makes you feel something powerful.
Then I will take your note and derive something from it, whether a phrase, set of sentences, or the note as a whole, and bring it to life in a short film. Your note will act as the dialogue & narration. You may write these anonymously or sign them. IF signed, you will be given credit in the caption of the film itself. If your note isn't chosen for a film, it will still be honored on our page.
We as humans experience powerful feelings and emotions, and in a world full of social media and technology, sometimes we lose touch. Words can have such a powerful impact, so what if we could also see the emotions?
You can follow along @purelyhumanproject on TikTok & Instagram.
Write me a note below. Don't overthink it, just do it. Think of that person, express how you feel, whether it's a few words or an entire essay. Play some of your favorite music, light a candle, and get in touch with your emotions. Let me read your words and turn them into something even more beautiful. I'm glad you're here. :)




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