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Dragonfly Boy

Dragonfly Boy is an Award-Winning LGBTQ+ Feature-length Film created, directed, and shot by Jacob Hotaling. Freshly 21-year-old Graham is currently in a battle over who he is and who he loves. In a world full of opinions and self-hatred, we watch as Graham endures this struggle and how he grows with himself and the amazing people in his life around him.


IndieFEST - Award of Merit (Film-Feature)
IndieFEST - Award of Merit (LGBT)

IndieFEST - Award of Merit (Lead Actor - Ethan Rhoad)
IndieFEST - Award of Recognition (Lead Supporting Actress - Maddie Touri)

Jake's Favorite Shots

Premiere Night

We are so thankful that the Bangor Drive-In allowed us to Premiere our film (non-profit) to our friends, family, and local community. It was such an incredible night and a dream come true to see one of my films on the big screen and I am endlessly thankful.


Story, Produced, and Directed by Jacob Hotaling (@jkhotaling)
Director of Photography - Jacob Hotaling
Editor / Music Director - Jacob Hotaling

Ethan Rhoad (@ethan77rhoad)
Maddie Touri (@madiiisonrosee)
Daniel Khat (@dannyxkid)
Danielle Jarosz (
Sydney Powers (@sydneympowers)
Tessa Solomon (@tsssooolll)
Maddi Merritt (@maddimerritt)

About "Dragonfly Boy"

I will never be able to explain enough how much this film means to me. LGBTQ+ films in today's world can either be extremely emotional and true or misrepresentative by a mile. Unfortunately, we see more of the second case. Dragonfly Boy contains a lot of elements of my own personal story, and that is shown through the characters. I developed these characters during my screenwriting process. Graham is a character playing the perspective of me before I was out and comfortable with my sexuality and who I was, while the other 6 characters are all perspectives / hold traits of who I am today, as if I'm giving advice and love to myself in the past. Dragonflies are also a very important symbol for me family, and everything heard about the Dragonfly in the film is very true and factual to my life.

The Dragonfly, meaning transformation, is incredibly symbolic to the story, as you may have picked up. Not only did we watch Graham on screen go through the transformation, but as a filmmaker, I also went through such a transformation in not only my career but with life in general making this film. This process was crazy, but the best thing I've done in my life so far. I had my story, had my script, and needed a cast, so I held virtual auditions to the UMaine community. These 7 beautiful people came right along. After months of rehearsing, filming, and making crazy memories whilst making this film, we have a now four-time award winning film that has grossed hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, touching lives of other queer people in the world. That was my goal. To take my own story and inspire others, to bring raw emotions of what it's like growing up queer. I am thankful every second that I could inspire so many whilst my audience is inspiring me more and more everyday to keep creating. I love what I do, so much.